Are you tired of irresponsible development in Snohomish County?

Are you tired of irresponsible development in Snohomish County?


A New Path - Protect Our Watershed
This video was produced for A New Path For Snohomish County to raise awareness to the potential destruction of the local watershed and fish bearing streams.
The Ambleside Development, PDS # 19 115780SPA, proposes destroying an urban forest, 2 fish-bearing streams, and a protected wildlife habitat to build 52 densely packed 3-story units without adequate parking.

The excessive destruction of this development is not limited to this property. This development requires the additional construction of an ill-conceived 1,000 ft sewer that will invade riparian buffers, destroy a wetland containing an additional fish-bearing stream, and require the demolition of a significant colonnade of trees, resulting in continued and extensive degradation of the Penny Creek Watershed.

They propose paying for this with RAISED TAXES AND UTILITY BILLS. JOIN US IN SAYING NO!
This development will harm our environment.
This development is a war on living things.
Deforestation of this site for this development will have irreparably damaging, and permanent, consequences.

This development would “take paradise and put up a parking lot.”

The urban forest on this site is critical and necessary as part of our ecosystem’s riparian buffer. Deforestation of this urban forest would cause flooding and erosion leading to an increase in temperatures [widely known as climate change]. The developer would substitute impervious surfaces for the trees and buffer zones.
The proposed development will permanently destroy urban forests, critical areas to include fish-bearing streams, buffers, wetlands, and the watershed.

Once this is gone you can’t “mitigate it” with other measures. The loss of these areas would contribute to flooding and standing water where it shouldn’t be. This development will cause the death of habitat to include fish, amphibians, birds and the insects necessary for the ecosystem—and our survival.

Trees clean our air and hold Co2. Deforesting releases the held Co2, and removes the existing perpetual natural de-polluting effects that the urban forest would have provided to our community..
Destruction of Habitat
It must be emphasized that this development will utterly destroy the existing habitat and cause the death of wildlife to include fish, birds and insects necessary for our ecosystem. This will devastate our existing native growth area and watershed.

Once the trees are ripped down the natural habitat that goes with them is either killed or displaced. Critical areas necessary to this riparian buffers would be destroyed or severely impacted. This would kill off the salmonids and other fish in the streams and all the other habitat necessary for the ecosystem. This would necessarily have an adverse effect on our watershed which sustains life for all of us.
Impact to Protected Wildlife
The increasing destruction of wildlife should be a matter of public concern. Invariably, protected wildlife such as owls and eagles and salmonids are being lost forever in our communities.

The destruction of this habitat for development would harm, and effectively kill, protected wildlife.

The stream on the development property is fish bearing, and among other things, is home to protected Cutthroat Trout. These fish return to their originating streams to lay eggs, and the destruction of these streams would give these fish nowhere to lay the next generations of fish.
This development will harm our community.
This development is a war on our quality of life.
Raised Utility Bills & Tax
This development will require extensive additional construction by the Silver Lake Sewer District of a 1,000 ft. sewer line.

The ungainly proposed 1,000 ft sewer line will require the Silver Lake Sewer District to maintain and fix it when it inevitably fails. The expense of this sewer will fall on you through increased taxes and increased utility bills

The following is a quote from the June 2022 SEPA:
"b. Proposed measures to reduce or control direct impacts on public services, if any:
Impacts will be controlled by the increase in tax base and tax assessments paid to the public services as well as impact fees."
Extreme Traffic
On average this development would result in 453 additional daily uses of the two-lane roads surrounding the development and cause a massive and unsafe traffic backup during school pickup and drop-off at Silver Lake Elementary.

Causing hazards, this development is a public safety disaster and puts our children at risk, especially because many of the surrounding roads do not have sidewalks or even crosswalks.
Ruining Public Land
This development also significantly threatens the 5-acre WSDOT property, which is declared a mitigation site in perpetuity, right next to it. Regardless the developer, PDS, and potentially WSDOT would allow the developer to encroach upon it. This mitigation zone not only is a wetland with upland buffer but contains an F4 salmonid stream! Encroaching this special place would result in the depletion and destruction of the critical water sources on the site. This mitigation site belongs to all of us!

The deforestation and development on this mitigation zone and sewer line will make an unstable force and erode the properties on either side of it with flooding, and increases the risk of flooding, erosion, and irreparable property damage for the surrounding neighborhoods and community.
Increased Noise
There are two significant noise concerns with this development. The initial construction noise poses a hearing loss risk to our children next door at Silver Lake Elementary and the play field. The development of 52 homes will also increases noise pollution of the surrounding area forever. The surrounding quiet and tight-knit neighborhoods will be quiet no longer with the influx of new residents, idling cars, and barking dogs.
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